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Together, we can protect and accelerate the rights of women and girls. Click here to join the network.

What Happens Now? Come Together for Collective Action in Your City




We’re building a Network City Program to enable individuals and organizations to work together for common goals and a shared agenda to improve the lives of women and girls in their city. Together, we can protect and accelerate the rights of women and girls. Will you join us?

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It’s time for all of us to work in partnership to:

  • Evolving Democracy - It's Time Network

    Evolve Democracy

    It's time to get money out of politics and to get "We the People" in. Learn about organizations working in partnership to design innovative and exciting solutions to return government to the people.

  • Building Fair Economies - It's Time Network

    Build Fair Economies

    It's time to build economies that care for the Earth and its people, and that share prosperity and resources. Learn about leaders in the movement for a regenerative economy.

  • Regenerate the Earth - It's Time Network

    Regenerate the Earth

    Our human health is interdependent with the health of the environment. Learn about the amazing organizations working to restore and regenerate the Earth's ecosystems.


Communities Ready for Change

It's time to support a growing network of individuals and organizations working together to take collective action.

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