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Pallas Stanford

  • commented on The Declaration of Interdependence 2019-09-11 18:02:36 -0700
    This is beautiful! I’d love to talk to you about it. I found it just now when I came looking for the text of a Declaration of Interdependence written by Will Durant in 1944-45. In appreciation of this bounty, I humbly offer the following that I wrote for the occasion of 11/11/2018:

    On the occasion of the 100-year anniversary of the day upon which an alliance of
    imperial contenders once promised an end to all war, the following is offered as
    encouragement in a time of great need to the people of this planet who know that
    the time has come to unseat the imperial mind from the throne of human endeavor.

    Declaration of Interdependence

    We the people of this planet, cognizant of our kinship
    with one another and with all creation, declare these truths to be self-evident:

    1.We have a right to be here.
    We were born to this planet and it is our home.
    Neither tenants nor trespassers are we.
    We owe neither our lives nor our labor to
    anyone claiming prior possession or control of the means of our livelihood.
    Peace is our power. We rise relentlessly in the face of the those who would
    destroy the planet before they would recognize our
    shared right to live freely upon it.

    2.We have a right to love one another.
    Knowledge of our kinship is precious wisdom common to our sacred
    traditions. We cooperatively build our families, households, communities,
    and collectives according to that wisdom. We will not be made enemies of
    ourselves for any reason and especially not for those who seek to rule us for private gain.
    Love is our law, justice our rule, and mercy our procedure.

    3.We have a right to organize for our common good.
    Everything that is necessary to human life belongs to our common
    good and is not subject to private ownership or profiteering. We organize to secure and sustain
    clean air, water, and soil, along with the health of the planet and her ecosystems.
    We further organize to secure, sustain, and enlarge the storehouses of our civilizations that
    are also the birthright of every human being.
    Going forward, the voices of indigenous, people of color, poor, and occupied/colonized/or
    otherwise marginalized communities are elevated in our deliberations.