It’s Time Network is building the first national cross-sector network where individuals and organizations can join together in the spirit of collaborative leadership and collective impact to accelerate progress for women and girls. Through the Network City Program, individuals and organizations in the network will activate and engage their communities to work on projects that will protect and advance the rights of women and girls in their cities and beyond.

The goal of the Network City Program is to achieve measurable positive impact in the lives of women and girls at the local level in ways that would not be possible by acting alone. 



Here's how the Network City Program works:


Evaluate Gender Equality

Evaluate Gender Equality in Each City

In each city, a Local Advisory Council comprised of local leaders and engaged individuals will utilize data that evaluates and compares the status of women and girls across a number of key issue areas. Over time, a Women's Well-Being Index will be developed for each state, which will rank counties and provide demographic comparison data.

Design Collective Impact Projects

Design Collective Impact Projects

Each Local Advisory Council will use their city's data to determine which key issue areas to address first, and design collective impact projects that they will pursue to help improve the city's most pressing issues.

Make a Collective Impact

Make a Collective Impact to Accelerate Progress

The Local Advisory Council will grow the Network City by inviting individuals and organizations to engage in the collective impact project they have chosen, by contributing their time, skills or financial support, depending on what the project needs.


In modeling collective impact on the local level, we can engage in long-term, sustainable actions to support the advancement of women and girls, and inspire further collaborative action at the state, regional, national and global levels. 

Network City Chapters 


San Francisco

Launched in spring of 2016, San Francisco serves as the pilot city in our national Network City Program.



In 2017, we’ll launch a Network City Program chapter in Denver and host It’s Time 2017: Denver Gender Equity Summit in May.


Your City

Starting in 2018, we’ll continue to branch out to cities across the country. Will the next program launch in your city? If you’d like to learn more about how to start a chapter in your city, submit your name and contact information here.