Meet It's Time Network: Engaging Women & Girls

We are a growing community of people, organizations and visionary leaders working to accelerate the full empowerment of women and girls to achieve gender parity, to evolve democracy and to build fair economies that regenerate the Earth. We envision a world in which people across the gender spectrum share collective equality and use the power of love, compassion and partnership to build a just, regenerative and thriving world for all. To that end, we are developing a National Network for advancing women in leadership, producing an annual It's Time Partnership Summit to track progress of women and girls, and launching a cooperative social enterprise for sustained funding.

A National Network for Women

It's Time Network (ITN) is building a framework for collective action and impact, city by city with the development of a Local Advisory Council (LAC) in each Network City, a permanent infrastructure will support women's leadership, gender partnership and collaboration across all sectors including: environment, business, health, education, media, peace and security and government. The Network fosters connection between individuals, local organizations and large national associations to build awareness across a range of issues and to exponentially increase the capacity for collective action and impact.


Womens_Mayors_Caucus 83rd San Francisco Achieving gender equality requires governing bodies to develop gender-focused initiatives. On June 18th, 2015 in San Francisco on the eve of the US Conference of Mayors, we convened leaders for a Mayors Roundtable to develop recommendations, resources and a checklist to assist mayors and local governments on how to better serve women and girls across a spectrum of issues. We have produced a Gender Equality Report for mayors and Network City Local Advisory Councils to use as an assessment tool in their city. The report will be refined as an outline tool for mayors and civil society leaders across the country to share best practices for the advancement of women in leadership.



Network City Program for Supporting Women's Leadership

It's Time Network Cities build Local Advisory Councils with up to 39 leaders who share the vision of supporting women's leadership to achieve collective impact and the ITN mission in their communities. In parallel with the annual It's Time Partnership Summit, each Network City will host viewing events that connect with and grow the network to catalyze and achieve a shared agenda.


Mission: Evolve democracy advancing women in leadership

ITN is an affiliation of individuals and organizations advancing the leadership of women and girls in gender partnership and collective action to evolve democracy and build caring economies that regenerate the Earth.

Vision: achieving systemic, environmental, financial and social change

ITN envisions a network of compassionate, resilient, regenerative communities using love and creativity to heal and transform as we address the systemic environmental, financial and social crises we face.
The network strengthens our ability for collective impact as we collaborate across sectors and commit to a common agenda for achieving systemic change to stop further degradation of our world.

Values: It's Time Network supports the value of:

  • Interdependence as our civic and cultural principle
  • Partnership as our practice of engagement
  • Love and compassion as motivation to guide our actions
  • Truth and reconciliation as essential to dismantling oppression globally
  • Service to one another and the common good
  • Liberty, equality and justice for all




Betsy Hall McKinney

Founder and CEO

Betsy Hall McKinney is a mother, social entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist. She is the founder of It's Time Network which brings together individuals and organizations working collaboratively to empower women and girls through collective action across a broad range of issues and sectors. Betsy is an active member of the Women Donors Network and Women Moving Millions and she manages Faraway Foundation. In 2003, she founded a highly successful eco-conscious retail business, ReStore Our World, in Telluride, Colorado, designed to promote solutions to the challenges we face in our world.

Betsy has spoken internationally about women's leadership, rooting social change in values of love and interdependence, and the need for women and men to work in partnership. Betsy has written a Declaration of Interdependence and spoke about it at a TEDWomen's talk where she also called for a national and global campaign to advance women's leadership across all sectors. Other appearances include the 2015 US Conference of Mayors, the OECD Global Forum on Women's Leadership in Public Life, Interdependence Day Forums, The Social Venture Network Spring Conference, What Matters Most, and the 11th Annual AREDAY Summit.

Betsy currently lives in Marin County, California with her husband John McKinney and her 16-year-old daughter, Maria Rose.





Donations to It's Time Network are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.