Accelerating Gender Equality: Systemic Change City by City

We have exciting news to share!

This week, It’s Time Network launched the Mayors Guide: Accelerating Gender Equality, a resource for mayors across the country to utilize in their efforts to accelerate the advancement of women and girls at the local level. 

Why a Mayors Guide?

Despite many gains for women over the past century, there is still significant gender disparity in society. Women are still overwhelmingly underrepresented in decision-making roles across all sectors.  Women still earn less than men and face disproportionate economic, social and political challenges. Mayors have significant opportunities to affect the lives of women and girls by how they govern, and they are uniquely positioned to accelerate necessary changes.

The guide provides mayors with a “toolkit” of readily accessible resources, model programs, specific recommendations for action and checklists for supporting the advancement of women and girls. It is designed to support mayors who want to govern with a gender lens to determine how all decisions, municipal policies and programs affect women and girls. With that awareness, mayors can improve the lives of women and girls, strengthen families, and create stronger, healthier and more prosperous communities for all.

How to Use the Mayors Guide

The Mayors Guide is not meant to act as an exhaustive account of all available resources -- it is a “living” document that will support a continued sharing of best practices and feedback from mayors and communities nationwide.

The guide offers information and recommended actions for advancing women and girls on a general level, as well as in eleven key issue areas:

The Mayors Guide is available for download on our website. You can also read it online -- by section or as a whole -- or purchase a printed copy.

How You Can Get Involved

Network City Program

While the information and recommendations outlined in the Mayors Guide is directed at mayors, we need support and collaboration from across every community in order to create change in each of these areas.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the official launch of the Network City Program. The goal of the Network City Program is to achieve measurable positive impact in the lives of women and girls at the local level in ways that would not be possible by acting individually. Led by a Local Advisory Council comprised of leaders across sectors, the program will bring community members together to accelerate change in unprecedented ways.


As a hub of innovation and leadership on behalf of women and girls, San Francisco serves as the pilot Network City chapter. The council will assess the status of women and girls in the city, and then to develop a strategic plan of action for implementing projects and actions that measurably improve the lives of women and girls locally, nationally and globally. The San Francisco chapter will act as a model for Network City chapters across  the country, and, eventually, around the world. 

Individual Participation

To further connect and engage in our growing network, we would like to invite you to become an Individual Participant of It’s Time Network. As an Individual Participant, you will…

  • Become part of a Network City chapter closest to you

  • Work with other individuals and organizations in the network to effect systemic, sustainable, local change

  • Participate in collective impact projects through your Network City chapter

  • Be invited to Network City chapter events and national It’s Time Network events

  • Gain exposure to thought leaders and experts who are working to elevate the status of women and girls worldwide

  • Be the first to know about It’s Time Network’s reports, events, campaigns, and initiatives

  • Be the first to know about opportunities to volunteer for It’s Time Network and our partner organizations

  • Participate in the online community benefits that are in development for It’s Time Network supporters

You can find out more about the benefits of Individual Participation here.

Coming Together for Collaborative Action

The Mayors Guide serves as an action toolkit for mayors to accelerate the status of women and girls in their cities, and the Network City program and Individual Participation enable community members and lawmakers to work together on the ground level.

Together, they provide cities with the necessary resources to affect systemic change. It’s time to accelerate gender equality, city by city across the US. In modeling collective impact on the local level, we can engage in long-term, sustainable actions to support the advancement of women and girls, and inspire further collaborative action at the state, regional, national and global levels. It’s Time!

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