ActuallySheCan Mentorship Live

ActuallySheCan, a movement for women who are strong, smart and driven, invites you to attend #ActuallySheCan Mentorship Live, in partnership with TEDWomen. 

The event, part of the #ActuallySheCan Mentorship program, seeks to connect attendees with a diverse group of female mentors—successful women who have seen it all—who are eager to share their wisdom.

The event will kick off with a panel discussion, "#ActuallySheCan and the Power of Female Mentorship," featuring inspirational women from the TEDWomen conference. Attendees will be able to listen and learn, then ask their own questions at a mixer with the mentors following the panel. 

Light lunch will be provided. 

Additional Event Details:

October 28, 2016 at 1:30pm - 4pm
San Francisco Mint

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