Collective Impact in Action in San Francisco

It’s Time Network is building the first national cross-sector network where individuals and organizations can come together in the spirit of collaborative leadership and collective impact to accelerate progress for women and girls, and we’ve started in San Francisco! As a hub of innovation and progress around gender equity issues, San Francisco became the first pilot city in our national Network City Program in 2016. The Network City Program is creating a permanent infrastructure that supports organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls everywhere to work together in engaging both individuals and organizations in collective action and impact.

info_work_sf.pngWhy San Francisco?

San Francisco has a dynamic history of being on the leading edge of change; from pioneering innovative technology to advancing progressive equal rights. For example, San Francisco was one of the first cities where a city commission on the status of women was established in 1975. In 1998, it was the first city in the world to adopt a local ordinance reflecting the principles of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), an international bill of rights that focuses on women’s rights as human rights, implemented by San Francisco’s Commission on the Status of Women.

Today, San Francisco is home to some of the largest and most impactful foundations, donor networks, organizations, and government agencies working for gender equity. As a result, there is an important opportunity to bring these entities together for collective impact on issues related to women and girls.

The San Francisco Local Advisory Council

To bring all of this amazing work and incredible leadership together, ITN’s San Francisco Network City chapter launched in 2016, with the formation of the San Francisco Local Advisory Council (SF LAC). The SF LAC is currently comprised of 13 diverse cross-sector leaders in advancing women and girls locally, nationally, and globally: :

So far, our growing SF LAC includes the following Bay Area leaders:

To learn more about the SF LAC’s dynamic leaders, please visit the San Francisco Network City chapter webpage.

As the SF LAC continues to grow, It is essential that it reflects and gives voice to the rich diversity of women and girls in the Bay Area. It is purposefully designed to ensure representation from differing ethnicity, age, political and religious affiliations, so it can better address the key issues a diversity of women and girls face at school, in the workplace, in their homes, and in their communities.

What the SF LAC is Doing Now

As the SF LAC continues to grow in strength and number of members, we have begun to assess data in order to set a benchmark for the status of women and girls in San Francisco and California. Reviewing the key benchmark data will allow the SF LAC to identify the issues facing women and girls in our city, and determine how to accelerate change through collective action.

As the SF LAC has continued to bring on key leaders and organizations throughout 2016 and early 2017, one important aspect of the network has been to highlight the work of existing organizations. Rather than duplicating existing efforts, the network convenes monthly SF LAC calls to coordinate and plan mutually reinforcing activities. The ultimate goal is to become a hub for all that’s happening in the SF Bay Area women and girls’ space with a community calendar plus community-based webinars and events.

Each member of the SF LAC brings particular expertise from their organization or from their personal experience that can be additive to the collaborative efforts of the council. For example, Emily Murase, Executive Director of the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, and Surina Khan, CEO of The Women’s Foundation of California shared their important work that provides a baseline for the status of women and girls in their 2016 reports (The 2016 California Women’s Well-Being Index and the 2016 Report on the Status of Women & Girls in San Francisco). These reports are essential tools that provide data on a range of key issues affecting women, girls, and families in the Bay Area and the state. The SF LAC discussed findings from these reports, and identified issues where the network could potentially accelerate much-needed change in specific areas for local women and girls through the power of collective impact.

In addition to this collective action planning, the SF LAC and its member organizations are supporting and participating in the Stronger California Legislation to promote a broad range of legislative priorities impacting women and girls across the state of California. The proposed legislation advances the economic security of women in California by promoting policy reform to provide better income support, achieve fair pay and working conditions, support workforce development, encourage asset building, and ensure work-family flexibility and access to quality child care.

Get Involved in the SF Network City Chapter

Now, in order to truly access and mobilize our ability to make strides toward gender equity, we need engaged individuals like you to join us in taking action together. As growing numbers of individuals and organizations become part of the network, we build our capacity at the local level, starting here in San Francisco and expanding over time. You can join It’s Time Network as an individual or as an organization to learn about our activities and take part in powerful collective impact now: Join us!

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