Executive Director of <a href="http://forwardtogether.org/" target="new">Forward Together</a>

Since Eveline's leadership began in 1999, Forward Together has become widely recognized for its innovative role in the Reproductive Justice Movement—working with grassroots communities; providing thought leadership; developing effective tools and resources for evaluation, training, and documentation; and organizing for long-term systemic change. Eveline serves on the board of the Movement Strategy Center and the Bay Area Social Justice Funders Network advisory committee. Eveline formerly led the Asian Pacific Environmental Network and is currently featured by the Women's Foundation of California for her impactful work in the field of health, environmental and economic justice. With Eveline's leadership, Forward Together works with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and 20 community based organizations in 13 states on a national community-driven research project documenting the experiences and resilience of families who have experienced incarceration. The initiative "Toward A Caring Economy, is producing original research, developing campaigns and policy solutions for safe and thriving communities, and strengthening the national movement to end mass criminalization and mass incarceration.