Betsy Hall McKinney is a mother, social entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist. While devoting time and energy as a wife and mother, Betsy is also deeply committed to community and social justice causes. In 2012 Betsy created a Declaration of Interdependence based on gender equality and interdependence between men and women. The declaration also speaks about our responsibilities—not just our rights—as citizens. It addresses the rights of nature, our responsibility to future generations and the need to get money out of politics.

Betsy's draft of the Declaration of Independence served as inspiration for the founding of It's Time Network, which envisions a world of connected communities that recognize our interdependence, that work in partnership and are motivated by love and compassion for all people and for the Earth.

Betsy's 2012 TEDxWomen’s talk calling for a national and global
campaign to advance women’s leadership across all sectors

Read the draft Declaration of Interdependence.