Community activist and co-founder of <a href="" target="new">Tewa Women United</a>

Kathy is the co-founder of Tewa Women United, a group that raises awareness about environmental issues, domestic violence prevention, and drug and alcohol abuse. She has organized women’s voices in her community to be instruments of political, social, and economic change for gender equity and equality both in Indian Country and internationally. TWU is a collective inter-tribal women’s voice in the homelands of Northern New Mexico. The name comes from the Tewa words wi don gi mu which translates to “we are one.” In the safe spaces women create, transformation and empowerment comes through critical analysis and the embracing and re-affirming of our cultural identity. TEWA produces an annual cross-tribal gathering for womens leaders across the Southwest. Kathy also serves on the National Council of Elders - veterans of the Civil Rights, Women’s, Peace, Environmental, LGBTQ*, Immigrant Justice, Labor Rights and other movements of the last 60 years, coming together to share the torch of freedom, justice, peace, and non-violent action with those who have risen anew in the 21st century.