<a href="http://www.leilani.green/" target="new">Race car driver and environmental activist</a>

Leilani Munter is a biology graduate turned race car driver and renowned environmental leader. Leilani uses her unique voice as a competitive NASCAR race driver to spread environmental awareness and renewable energy to millions of race fans. Glamour Magazine called her "An Eco Hero". Discovery named her the #1 Eco Athlete in the World, she is a recipient of ELLE Magazine's Genius Award, and Sports Illustrated has named her one of the Top 10 Female Race Drivers in the World. Leilani believes it is essential for humans to adapt and evolve the way we are living to a sustainable way that does not destroy the world around us. Two of the many ways she is bringing awareness to the mainstream pubic are through her recent appearance demonstrating her Tesla Motor Car in the Louis Psihoyos film "Racing Extinction", and her role as a spokesperson for The Solutions Project: The campaign to bring !00% renewable energy solutions to all global citizens.