Mayors Guide: Accelerating Gender Equality

MG_landing_intropic.jpgIt’s Time Network’s Mayors Guide: Accelerating Gender Equality is the first comprehensive guide for accelerating gender equality at the local level. The guide provides mayors with a “toolkit” of readily accessible resources, model programs, and checklists for supporting the advancement of women and girls in their communities.

The Mayors Guide emerged from a dynamic roundtable of mayors, activists and women leaders on the eve of the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors in June 2015. Sponsored by It’s Time Network in partnership with the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, the roundtable forum engaged approximately 150 experts across a variety of sectors related to the empowerment of women and girls.

The result of their work, as well as subsequent interviews with experts and model practitioners, is this first-of-its-kind “how-to” guide specifically for mayors.


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The Mayors Guide: Accelerating Gender Equality is not an academic treatment, nor is it an exhaustive account of all available resources. Rather, it is meant to be a “living” document that will support a continued sharing of best practices and feedback from mayors and communities nationwide.

The guide starts with a set of general recommendations for mayoral leadership to create the structural support needed to address the complexities around the issues that affect women and girls. The second part of the guide offers a toolkit of recommendations in 11 key issue areas that include models and resources that will help guide implementation. Learn more by browsing the guide by chapter:

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