Regenerate the Earth

A key pillar of It’s Time Network’s mission is to bring visibility to organizations and individuals who are working together to regenerate the Earth and its ecosystems. Global communities face a range of environmental challenges, from indoor toxins and the need for efficient use of energy and clean water to waste management and climate change crisis.

Studies show that women are most adversely affected by the increased frequency of extreme weather events wrought by climate change because of their social roles, and because of discrimination and poverty. And since they direct patterns of behavior and consumption that affect the environment—they do the primary shopping and often determine family work and transportation patterns—women and girls clearly have a huge stake in the future of the environment and they are taking action for change.

Progress is being made by groups large and small who are working to regenerate the Earth and who know that we can be most effective in that regard when we work together for collective action -- here are a select list of allies working to ensure survival of these life supporting systems: