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It’s Time Network is building the first national cross-sector network where individuals and organizations can join together in the spirit of collaborative leadership and collective impact to accelerate progress for women and girls. As a hub of innovation and progress in gender equality, San Francisco serves as the pilot city in our national Network City Program. The Network City Program represents the essential foundation and the ‘roots’ of the network’s presence in cities throughout the United States and globally.

The goal of our Network City Program is to create a permanent structure for local, national and global organizations, working to improve the lives of women and girls everywhere, to work together in engaging people in collective action and impact. By raising awareness of local, state, national and global issues, the Local Advisory Council in each city can leverage resources to support efforts at every level, not just in cities.

At the local level, the network will assess the state of gender equality in each individual city, develop a scorecard for the status of women and girls in that community, determine which action steps need to be taken, and address the most prevalent issues collectively.

In modeling collective impact on the local level, we can engage in long-term, sustainable actions to support the advancement of women and girls, and inspire further collaborative action at the state, regional, national and global levels.

The network includes women leaders working in fields not traditionally thought of as women's issues and emphasizes that women and girls are needed at all decision-making tables across sectors to ensure that we have a democracy that reflects all of us and that we build economies that care for each other and regenerate the earth.

If you're interested in becoming a part of the Network City Program as an Individual Participant, find out more here.

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San Francisco Local Advisory Council

It's Time Network's San Francisco Local Advisory Council (LAC) is comprised of cross-sector leaders in advancing women and girls locally, nationally and globally, working together across issue silos to elevate women's leadership and to improve the lives of women and girls everywhere. The council is in development and will grow to 39 or so members of diverse backgrounds, gender, experiences, political perspectives and fields of expertise to reflect the rich diversity of our country.



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