Calling All Women & Allies! Virtual Convenings

Right now, women and allies are ready to take action together to protect and advance their rights and the rights of all people.

Join us for a series of virtual convenings focused on connecting women and allies, and providing information on how we can come together for action, starting at the local level.

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At each virtual convening, we will:



First, women and allies are looking for opportunities to connect, learn together and engage with one another. The calls will connect us in shared learning, and at the end of each call, we will provide opportunities for breaking out into smaller groups by interest areas and location.



We will provide accurate and up-to-date information on the work that is being done to address the issues that women are facing in our communities and to protect and advance women’s rights.


Participate & Act:

Then, we’ll provide information about how women and allies can get involved in collective impact work in their cities, in the form of immediate calls to action and more long-term planning.

You can stay up to date on the collective projects we’re working on through the Network City Program and participate in collective action yourself by joining the network here.

Did you miss a past virtual convening? You can find recordings of each here:

June 6, 2017: What's Next for Women & Girls in Denver

May 16, 2017:Building a Common Agenda for Women & Girls 

May 2, 2017:Calling All Women & Allies Series: Stronger California

April 18, 2017: What is the Collective Impact Model & How Does It's Time Network Use It?

Feel free to share with other women and allies who might be interested!